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  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
As business owners integrate new technologies in their race to create “lean, profit making machines” we’ve all become fodder for the obvious outcome – an absence of service in our everyday lives. We pump our own gas, we do our own banking online, and we scan our own purchases at the...
What ever happened to the unspoken promise of a handshake? In the past it actually meant something. These days it seems like integrity plays second fiddle to a sea of signed documents. My father ran a construction company during my teenage years, which gave me the opportunity to have an...
If the talk from the other side ONLY revolves around money – you’re better off to tuck the pen in your pocket and walk away. This holds true in any relationship, not just in business. I believe this because I’ve lived it. It’s never been about the money in my...

One-of-a-kind renovations
limited only by the power
of imagination.

The stuff average contractors
don’t want to admit
or talk about.

Uncommon practices that
impress even the most
demanding clients.

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