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medieval wine cellar



wine_3-1wine_3-2wine_3-3wine_3-4wine_3-5Creating the ideal climate and proper air movement (heating & cooling) for two entirely different zones was one of our key challenges. The tasting room needed to be warm and comfortable, while the wine storage room required a cooler temperature with controlled humidity. The other challenge was to create a lighting schedule that worked with the aesthetic for the time period.

This project began as an open canvas, and quickly became a true collaboration of time-period passion. The client wanted to create an ‘Old World Gothic’ experience – a place where the mind could escape modern day reality. That said – it was also important to incorporate and hide modern day technology and conveniences.

Weeks of research led us down the path of ‘authenticity’ when it came to sourcing materials and one-of-a-kind designs. The ironworks were forged by hand, the hand-fit stone was quarried locally, and the timber used came from a century lost.


The client’s open and creative personality allowed us to stretch and create ideas that may have never seen the light of day. Our team also loved the fact that we had an opportunity to design and create something truly unique and historical.


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