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In an effort to maintain simplicity and avoid a cluttered feeling – we needed to figure out a way to hide perimeter lighting within a suspended ceiling. We also paid close attention to the integration of wood grains, glass and white porcelain as a means to evoke a natural feeling that spoke the language of simplicity.

For this project our clients wanted a modern European aesthetic with clean lines that would not overpower the space. A sense of seamless transition between different bathroom elements was a key goal during the design and building process.


The design by Sawa was extremely well thought out, and her passion really inspired us to deliver a simple, spacious experience as designed. Anything that might catch an unwanted eye became the enemy during this project – and the pursuit of clean lines led to some unique thinking. One idea resulted in a custom heating grill made from the wood flooring, and another led to recessing the shower glass directly into the ceiling to avoid unwanted molding.


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