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  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Custom Home Renovations
Could your negotiating skills unknowingly compromise your building project? Maybe. Like most people (me included) we feel better knowing that we didn’t pay full price for large ticket items. But this doesn’t always benefit the customer. If you think about it, most of us just want to pay a fair...
It’s easy to miss the ‘tells’ if you don’t know what to look for. When you’re renovating or building a home – the proposal process is your first taste for how a contractor plays the ‘game of work’. Do they pay attention to detail or do they speak in estimates...
In our experience, you’ll never hear a contractor say, “We only pay lip service to details”. Contractors who want to win jobs have learned it’s smarter and easier to simply talk-the-talk. If you know talk is cheap, then your next step is to avoid becoming the homeowner who hires a...

One-of-a-kind renovations
limited only by the power
of imagination.

The stuff average contractors
don’t want to admit
or talk about.

Uncommon practices that
impress even the most
demanding clients.

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