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Avoid the Steaming Pile

In our experience, you’ll never hear a contractor say, “We only pay lip service to details”. Contractors who want to win jobs have learned it’s smarter and easier to simply talk-the-talk.

If you know talk is cheap, then your next step is to avoid becoming the homeowner who hires a Steaming Pile of Contractor Promises.

Finding the right contractor to build your custom home, or undertake a major home renovation project is as challenging in Halifax, Nova Scotia – as it is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For contractors, the ability to demonstrate “attention to detail” is the game changer. It starts from the moment you meet and review their proposal, and ends when you recommend your experience to a friend.

A properly detailed proposal let’s you see how your money is being spent. The best proposals are so transparent they even show you what your contractor is making on the project.

Attention to detail means that project portfolios are readily available for you to see the detailed craftsmanship others have experienced. The building process is clearly defined with tangible milestones so you can see that timelines are on schedule.

Even something simple like worksites being thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day, speaks to the principles that guide a contractor’s work.

A contractor who prides themselves with attention to detail will have no problem letting you speak with the architects or homeowners they’ve done work for. You should see evidence of this on their website but then be able to experience this firsthand from their customers.

So, before you hire a Steaming Pile of Contractor Promises – find one that makes it easy for you to put them under a microscope.

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