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we think ‘average’ is just an excuse

certified When it comes to custom renovations and home building projects, we’re champions of shared respect, accountability and exceeding expectations at every level.

It’s why we developed our ColeBuilt Certified Standard – three uncommon practices within our industry that have earned the respect and admiration of our clients at every level.


transparent estimate proposals

We do the research, material sourcing and provide detailed costing down to the dime, so you can budget accordingly. Not only do you know what your money is being spent on down to every 2×6 stud – we also show you what we’ll be making on the project.

It requires some heavy lifting and detailed analysis on our part, but we don’t believe hidden unknowns have any place in the proposal process.



Project Accountability

We take extreme pride in our ability to track and record every change request, receipt and return. We maintain and share these files with our clients at regular project intervals out of respect for their trust and investment.

We also go above and beyond when it comes to communication and timeline management. In more than a decade worth of projects there have been occasions where we’ve actually moved mountains to complete a project on time. Constant contact, detailed accounting and on-time delivery are non-negotiables that we live by when working with clients.



Project Aftercare

Creating a ‘wow’ experience for clients means our partnership extends well beyond a project’s completion. For us it speaks to integrity and respect for the work we do and the people we serve.

We believe loyalty is something you earn as a contractor – through action.

One-of-a-kind renovations
limited only by the power
of imagination.

The stuff average contractors
don’t want to admit
or talk about.

Uncommon practices that
impress even the most
demanding clients.

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