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Where people come to find happiness.

Most contractors wouldn’t think of their work as a privilege – we do.

When we build a custom home, detail your renovation or pour ourselves into a heritage restoration project – we do it because we love it.

Some of our clients tell us we’re fanatics; some affectionately call us crazy, but most simply smile and take pleasure from the passion they see unfolding before their eyes.

For us it starts with an emotional connection that’s shared between clients, designers, architects and our team. And it’s characterized by an extraordinary desire to understand your vision and create a living space that defies the notion of average.

And as a client or partner we expect you to have everest-like expectations, and hope that you share an uncommon eye for detail. When that happens, we’re proud to say that our work truly is a shared obsession.


ColeBuilt recognized for Heritage Build Award

ColeBuilt Project showcased in Renovation Style Magazine