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it starts with an emotional commitment.

Everyone on our team demonstrates a fierce desire to learn, and a passion to deliver the unexpected. We take an immense amount of pride in the art of design and detailed craftsmanship. We also believe that reputation is a reflection of everything you do and deliver to your teammates, and the job.

For us, A Shared Obsession is more than just a tagline. We actually do share a common obsession with our clients, project designer and architects – we have a vision for what every project will be, and we refuse to compromise.

If you love challenging yourself, working with your hands, and have an eye for the extraordinary,
feel free to send us a note or resume. We’re always looking to grow our team.



“For most of our clients, it’s not about the money.”

What clients appreciate most about working with us always circles back to integrity, transparency – and the fact that our guys live by the same script we do. First we have to be the right fit for the client, and secondly we have to love the project – otherwise it’s not fair to anyone. At the end of the day, whether you’re talking teammates or clients – it all boils down to having a shared system of values.

I firmly believe that the notion of ‘average’ is nothing more than an excuse for mediocrity. It’s why shared respect and passion play such a critical role in our work. It’s also why we believe transparency is king with our clients – to the point where we won’t give a quote unless we can show clients their true bottom line, including our profit margin for the job. In my experience, the best partnerships have always been about more than just money.



“If I can’t sleep at night, it hasn’t been done right.”

Our clients are like family, and I think that’s what I appreciate most about the level of trust they place in us. Trust and respect is a huge part of our culture at ColeBuilt – it’s a responsibility that everyone on our team has to understand and share. I know we need to have mad skills to take on the kinds of projects we do, but at the end of the day we’re in the business of serving people.

As a team we refuse to make assumptions, and I think clients appreciate the extra steps taken on their behalf. It’s critical we account for every purchase, share regular updates (with the paperwork in hand), and stay in constant communication whenever changes or questions arise. I love that our guys see our clients as partners – and that they truly embrace the spirit of ‘a shared obsession’ in everything they do.



“It’s never just another job or project.”

I believe actions speak louder than words and your reputation means everything. It’s part of the reason I love the opportunity to challenge the limits creativity when it comes to one-of-a-kind projects. I may be a little obsessed with precision and detail, but it comes from a desire to see the excitement of our clients during and after the project.

As a team we take immense pride in job site cleanliness, shared respect and going above and beyond to help clients with whatever they need – and some days that even includes bringing in the groceries. For me, the work we do isn’t about one-off renovations or building houses – it’s about creating partnerships that inspire happiness.



“I’m always excited to see what we create.”

As a kid I spent hours with my head happily buried in a Lego box. There was just something about working with my hands that made me smile. With ColeBuilt I’ve found the perfect fit as an adult because more often than not we seem to work on projects that challenge the status quo when it comes to design and creativity.

It takes years to become a master carpenter and I’m a firm believer that you need to be humble, learn from the bottom-up and never assume you know more than you actually do. For me it’s simple, I love to create with my hands, and build relationships with like-minded people.

One-of-a-kind renovations
limited only by the power
of imagination.

The stuff average contractors
don’t want to admit
or talk about.

Uncommon practices that
impress even the most
demanding clients.

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