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If the talk from the other side ONLY revolves around money – you’re better off to tuck the pen in your pocket and walk away.

This holds true in any relationship, not just in business.

I believe this because I’ve lived it. It’s never been about the money in my personal life (if it was she would have left me years ago…lol!) – the success and rewards that come from entering into the right relationships are simply the by-product of something more fundamental and significant.

With almost 30 years in the construction industry, I’ve made the tough choice to walk away from a contract unless the following two elements exist:

  1. The Like Factor; and
  2. The Respect Factor

The Like Factor – a bonding between the parties that allows for the continuous open and frank exchange of ideas and opinions in a positive environment as they relate to the project and the process. It requires a shared vision an excitement

The Respect Factor – providing information, boundaries and a level of understanding in which the parties are permitted to conduct or carry out their designated tasks as they pertain to the process of product development. It speaks to unparalleled clarity and transparency throughout the process.

The ColeBuilt philosophy is simple, we have to like and respect our clients and we have to share a sincere interest in their projects – money cannot be the carrot. If either of these two fundamentals are not in place we excuse ourselves from the process.

As contractors and clients we often find ourselves in the awkward situation of feeling, whether for economic or other reasons, obligated into contracts knowing full well something is not right. During these times it’s critical to hang tough and remove yourself from the situation. When the “like factor or respect factor” is not clearly evident on both sides of the table it’s just bad business to move forward.

Without clarity and a clearly detailed process in place from the start – expectations will always be a challenge to achieve. So often contracts go south because we as contractors fail to serve in the best interest of both ourselves and our clients.

If there’s not a shared sense of like or respect, simply walk away.

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